Best Condoms in India 2019

best condom in indiaAlthough there are many ways to birth control, condom seems to be the most popular in India. Condom brands like Durex, Manforce, Skore, Kamasutra, and others are transforming the sexual experience by manufacturing different types of condoms every year. Today, I am going to list 10 best condoms in India which are highly endorsed by celebrities on television channels and widely sold by chemist shops.

There are many reasons why a condom is so popular among the young generation. It is easy to use, readily available and comes in different shape, sizes, colors, and even flavors. With adult movie stars promoting the use of condoms openly on national television, Indian youngsters do not hesitate to buy a condom nowadays. Not to mention, buying condom online is like a farewell to masturbation lubes.

Before we dive into the actual list, I must clarify that all the condoms in this list are “male condoms” and should only be used by a male personality. Yes, there are female condoms available in the market but are less popular among Indians. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

Best Condoms in India:

Product NameSpecificationsTotal CountCheck Price
Trojan MagnumLubricated large size latex condom for men36amazon-buy-button
Durex Real FeelPolyisoprene Non Latex Lubricated Condom10amazon-buy-button
ManForce Extra Dotted CondomsExtra dotted condom with coffee flavor12amazon-buy-button
Lifestyles SkynNon latex lubricated condom 12amazon-buy-button
SKORE Delay ClimaxNatural latex condom with strawberry flavor10amazon-buy-button
OKAMOTO Beyond SevenSheerlon latex light lubricated condom 36amazon-buy-button
KamaSutra SuperthinExta thin condom for a more natural sensation20amazon-buy-button
Moods Absolute XTASYUltra thin latex condom12amazon-buy-button
Carex PowershotExtra time dotted condom for men10amazon-buy-button
Caution Wear Iron GripTransparent, Lubricated Natural Rubber Latex Condoms48amazon-buy-button

1.  Trojan Magnum

Trojan Magnum condomTrojan Magnum is a premium latex condom available in India which has a big fan base. Unlike other condom brands, it comes in large XXL size which much larger than standard condom size. To be very clear, Trojan Magnum condom is for king size baby-maker and not for jacks.

Other versions of this product such as Trojan Magnum bare skin are also available in the market but seems to be less popular. I personally visited one of the Trojan Magnum manufacturing unit in Gurugram; formerly known as Gurgaon, for the thorough inspection.

The company imports natural latex from Thailand to manufacture premium quality condoms in India. Upon manufacturing, every unit is electronically tested to ensure reliability and usability. As per the information received from the foreman, latex condoms can expand up to 800% before breaking.

Talking about the packaging and count, it comes in a square cardboard box which contains 36 male condoms. Since it is a latex based condom, it can cause allergy to the little guy. If you allergic to latex, please check the top-rated non-latex condom brand in India.

Bottom line:  Trojan magnum size is so large that it can fit bizarre baby-maker. Without a doubt, Trojan Magnum XL is my top pick of the best condoms in India.

2. Durex Real Feel

Durex Real Feel condomSecond on the list is one of the best selling condom brands in India. Durex is known for selling high ecstasy, rich flavored condoms at cheap prices. In terms of sales, It’s new product Real Feel is known to set records in India. The company admits that Durex real feel condom reviews are far better than other products such as Durex jeans condom.

Durex real feel is a non-latex condom which is destined to provide bare skin experience during sexy time. It comes in a wide range of flavors namely chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, grapes etc. In a single packet, you get 10 lightly lubricated ultra-thin condoms that help prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

With Durex condom ads by Bollywood celebrities on TV channels and introducing ultra-thin features, Real Feel has surely become one of the best ultra thin condom brands in India. Latex-sensitive users who are seeking heightened sensitivity during intercourse should definitely try this product.

Bottom line: If you are looking to buy an ultra-thin condom that provides bare skin experience, Durex Real Feel is just for you.

3. ManForce Extra Dotted Condoms

ManForce Extra Dotted CondomsDotted condoms are for those who do not hesitate to try something new to enhance pleasure. They provide extra friction against the “G” spot which heightens the experience. Manforce extra dotted condoms are highly reliable and capable of providing this extra pleasure during baby-making.

Unlike other dotted condoms, Manforce condom comes in a unique coffee flavor. Flavor is an important aspect of buying a condom online. It can bring extra sweetness during the moment right ;). You might find other flavors but finding a wide variety of flavors in an extra dotted condom is pretty rare.

There is no denying that dotted condoms provide more pleasure than regular ones but it still more of a personal choice. I have seen women complaining about the pain exerted from the nerve ending present on the walls of the vagina due to extra dotted condoms.

Bottom line: Dotted condoms are not new and certainly have its pros and cons. The Manforce extra dotted condom can bring pleasure as well as pain during the baby-making process.

4. Lifestyles Skyn

Lifestyles Skyn condomsNext on our list of best condoms in India is Lifestyles Skyn. Lifestyles is a new condom brand in India but has surely won the heart of millions. They are called the next generation of condoms in India due to the highly advanced manufacturing process. Each Skyn condom is laser tested for great precision and accuracy.

Lifestyles Skyn is again a non-latex polyisoprene condom which is designed to provide skin to skin sensation. The company claims that it is the closest thing to wearing nothing during intercourse. A single packet of Skyn condom contains 12 lubricated condoms which provide long-lasting experience. 

Unlike other best ultra thin condoms, Lifestyles Skyn contains a smoothening lubricant which helps the “little guy” to last longer than the usual. Some of the Skyn condom users confirmed that their average sex time increased by 2 minutes and the sensitivity level heightened due to the skin to skin experience.

Bottom line: Lifestyles Skyn is one of the best thin colored condoms which helps last longer. If you tired of using regular synthetic condoms which are prone to allergy, Lifestyles Skyn should be your next purchase.

5. Skore Delay Climax

SKORE Delay Climax condomsWell, no men want to reach climax too early. In fact, there are many men who search for early discharge medicines online to stay strong in bed. One such solution of early discharge problem is using Score delay climax condoms. Skore condoms are very efficient in delaying the ejaculation process by temporarily desensitizing the male private part.

Do not worry, there are no such side effects of using the delay condom. Skore delay climax condom uses a water-based desensitizing agent called benzocaine which numbs the baby-maker for a short period of time. Since the private part loses sensitivity, the average sex time increases but the level of pleasure sharply decreases.

Speaking of the packet, the delay condom comes in a various multi-count pack. The standard box contains 10 latex condoms with user manual inside to help educate user the best way to wear a condom.

Bottom line: Score Delay Climax is one of the best long lasting condoms in India which is made up of natural latex.

6. Okamoto Beyond Seven

OKAMOTO Beyond Seven condomsOriginally from Japan, Okamoto is a leading condom brand in India. In other countries like the United States, it is known for manufacturing Okamoto skinless skin. If you are passionate about string and thick condoms, Okamoto condoms will not disappoint you.

Beyond Seven is a relatively brand new product from the company. It is a hot favorite product among young couples. Although, it is not a cheap condom, definitely worth the price. It comes in a 36-count pack which is easy to carry in jean’s pocket.

Okamoto company uses a special type of latex to manufacture Beyond Seven condoms. They called it Sheerlon latex. Sheerlon is a narrow latex compound which is highly durable and strong. As compare to normal latex condoms, Sheerlon latex condoms are narrower and have less space for the reservoir.

Moreover, before complete packaging, Beyond Seven is slashed into spermicide solution to add another layer of protection. The condom is lightly lubricated to ensure less friction and pain during intimate moments.

Bottom line: Okamoto is an international condom brand in India which is highly reliable to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Beyond Seven is the safest condoms to prevent pregnancy in India.

7. Kamasutra Superthin

KamaSutra Superthin condomInspired by the ancient Hindu text on human sexual behavior, Kamasutra is one of the best condoms in India which you can buy online. Following the footsteps of Durex, Kamasutra launched its pleasure series of ultra-thin condoms relatively at a cheap price last year.

Talking about the number of condoms, Kamasutra superthin condom comes in 20-count packaging. With the attractive design and appealing graphics on the packaging, Superthin condoms seem to generate good revenue for the company. Moreover, Kamasutra condom price is super low which makes it highly economical.

Just to clarify, it is a non-dotted latex condom which is lightly lubricated with benzocaine to prevent pregnancy. Those who are allergic to latex must use non-latex condoms available in the market. Kamasutra Superthin does not have any flavors as of now but the company is planning to bring chocolate, vanilla, coffee and berry flavors soon.

Bottom line: Kamasutra superthin is one of the best ultra-thin condoms in India which you can buy online.

8. Moods Absolute XTASY

Moods Absolute XTASY condomA companion that can help build an intimate mood and help prevent pregnancy is Moods Absolute XTASY. As it is cheap and easily available in chemist shops, It is among the best condom brands in India. As a matter of fact, Moods owns 36% of all the tv condom ads in India.

Speaking of the Moods Absolute XTASY condom, it comes in small, medium, and XL size. One single packet contains 36 flavored condoms which are single use only. If you use condoms more frequently, I recommend buying a condom jar which contains 250 condoms with different flavors.

Just like other top-rated condoms in India, Absolute XTASY is coated with benzocaine which is a spermicide. It helps kill sperms in case of the condom breaks during the play. Although, no cases of Moods condom breakage has been registered on health forums, having spermicide lubricant coating provide extra protection against pregnancy.

During the moods condom review, I found that Absolute XTASY condoms are molded with super fine dots which help enhance the pleasure. Although it is not same as extra dotted condoms but does the job pretty well.

Bottom line: One of the best selling condoms in India, Moods XTASY is an absolute companion during sexy time.

9. Carex Powershot

Carex Powershot condomApart from being a beautiful country, there are other reasons why Indian adults visit Malaysia so frequently. You are right because of Petronas Twin tower and Carex Powershot condoms. Carex Powershot is a premium Malaysian Condom brand which is now available online to help adults in family planning.

Carex Powershot condoms come in 10-count handy yellow colored cardboard packaging. The condoms are made with naturally found Malaysian latex that is super strong and durable. Unlike other latex condoms, Carex condoms do not have any side effects and can be used for a prolonged period of time.

One thing that I did not like about this male condom is that it does come in multiple flavors. You can only buy a tasteless standard size Carex condom online. Since flavors add more passion and overall romantic touch to the entire process, I personally like buying Lifestyles flavored condoms.

Bottom line: Carex is the best internationally imported condom brand available in India.

10. Caution Wear Iron Grip

Although the size, flavor, and thickness matters when buying a condom, having a tight grip is all the way more important to ensure safety. According to a study, 12% of pregnancies in the world are caused by condom slip off. If you do not want that to happen with you, buy Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms.

Caution wear condoms are fully transparent with light lubrication for extra sensitivity. The condom ring contains melted iron cast which holds the condom firmly during the pleasure time. In a condom slip off competition, Caution wear outnumbered every other condom brand in India.

The Iron grip condom comes with the 48-count packaging. Being more protective against STD’s, it is one of the expensive condom brands online. Although you get free shipping anywhere in India, still will burn a hole in your pocket. If you do not want to spend that much money, please see other contraceptive options such as pills.

Bottom line: Caution Wear Iron Grip is the best-ribbed condom which does not slip off.

Condom Buying Guide

condom buying guideCongratulations on making a wise decision of buying a condom online. Buying a condom is an act of responsibility and sensibility which ensure the safety of your partner. Today more people die from AIDS than fever in India due to hesitation in buying a condom.

Buying a condom is not an easy task. The condom market is saturated with different types, sizes, and flavors. In this condom buying guide, I am going to list some of the most important parameters of choosing the best condom online. Let’s get started.

Types of Condoms

Broadly speaking there are two types of condoms available in the market.

  • Latex condoms
  • Non-latex condoms

You might be asking yourself what is the difference between latex and non-latex condoms? Here is the answer.

  1. Latex condoms are made up of latex rubber which is naturally derived from the sap of Hevea brasiliensis tree. As a matter of fact, about 90% of the condoms in the market are latex condoms. They are cheap and lubricated with spermicides and non-spermicidal chemicals.
  2. Non-latex condoms are made up of Polyurethane which is a polymer made of organic units joined by carbamate. As compare to latex condoms, they are thin and are non-toxic in nature and does not have any side effects on sensitive skin.

if you are susceptible to latex allergy, I highly recommend buying a non-latex condom.

The second parameter of choosing a condom is size. You should definitely buy a condom that fits well your baby-maker. If it is short or too loose, it is going to compromise the goal of using the condom. You should also check the size of the reservoir space. Reservoir space is the font tip of the condom which stores the sperms after ejaculation.

The third important factor is the availability of different flavors. As I said earlier, flavors add spark to the overall sexual experience. Having a wide variety of flavors in your best condom can help refresh the experience all over again.

Lastly, safety certifications of a condom are of utmost importance. The government has made it mandatory for companies to specify the assured quality certifications on every condom packaging. You must buy only FSSAI approved condoms which guard against deadly sexually transmitted diseases.  Along with that please check the expiry date of condom using it.


This concludes my review on the best condoms available in India. I hope the ultimate list and buying guide has surely helped you decide the best condom brand which you can buy online with confidence. If you still have any doubts and concerns regarding any product, feel free to comment down below.

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