Best Creatine Supplements 2019

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Although pre-workout is sufficient enough for enhancing performance and muscle endurance, creatine takes the fitness to a whole new level. It is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements that help your muscles produce more energy during aerobic and anaerobic exercises while reducing recovery time.

According to biological research, creatine is a substance which is produced during protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells. It is naturally stored in muscle cells and has similar properties of amino acid. When body indulges in an intensive exercise or heavy lifting, cells containing phosphocreatine breakdown into ATP molecules which release instant energy to support the action.

Studies show that consuming creatine as a sports supplement increases the phosphocreatine stock in the body. This ultimately increases the overall volume of ATP molecules in the muscles producing more energy for heavy workouts in the gym. Lean muscle gain, fast recovery with reduced muscle breakdown and low fatigue are also some of the added benefits of using creatine powder.

Although creatine is naturally present in red meat, fish, pork, eggs, and shellfish, it is hard to keep up with the strict creatine diet plan. The easy way is to buy the best creatine supplement from the market and use it within the recommended dose to build a massive physique.

Top Creatine Supplements 2019

CreatineSupplement FactsPrice
MuscleTech Platinum Creatine80 servings, 100% pure micronized creatine powder, 5 gram per servingamazon-buy-button
Optimum Nutrition Creatine114 servings, 600 grams of micronized creatine, unflavoredamazon-buy-button
Crazy Muscle90 creatine tablets, 5,000mg (5g) of creatine monohydrate, Pyruvate + AKG per
BulkSupplements Creatine Monohydrate1 kg packaging, 400 servings, 2500 mg creatine monohydrateamazon-buy-button
BSN Creatine60 servings, 5.15 grams scoop size, 5 gram micronized creatine monohydrateamazon-buy-button
Six Star Pro Nutrition Creatine X38000 mg creatine blend, 2500 gm BCAA, 2.52 Poundsamazon-buy-button
MET-Rx Creatine 4200240 creatine capsules, 4200 mg of HPLC pure creatine monohydrate amazon-buy-button
Muscle Pharm Essential60 Servings, 300 grams packaging, 5 mg Micronized Creatineamazon-buy-button
Naked Creatine200 Servings, 1000 grams packaging, 5 mg monohydrate creatineamazon-buy-button
BPI Sports Best Creatine6 Creatine Blend, 50 mg Himalyan Pink Salt, 50 servingsamazon-buy-button

1. MuscleTech Platinum Creatine -Best Creatine for Men

muscletech creatineWhile brands like Legion and Transparent Labs are making complex creatine protein powders, MuscleTech is keeping things simple for people like me who want to buy a pure creatine supplement with no proprietary blends. I introduce you to MuscleTech Platinum which is the most affordable creatine supplement on the list.

MuscleTech creatine is a powerful formula that gives you a massive energy burst that will help you accomplish any weight training program or heavy lifting workouts. It is a 100% pure micronized creatine that contains no artificial sweeteners or fillers making it ideal for serious bodybuilders.

Unlike other creatine brands, it provides 80 spoon servings which are highly cost effective. It is only possible because the company provides an extra 100 grams of creatine powder for free with 300 grams packaging. Even for the other dietary supplements like whey protein, weight gainer, post workouts, etc. MuscleTech has low prices as compared to other supplement brands.

Its creatine powder is also superior in terms of its effectiveness and efficiency. According to tests conducted by fitness experts, the athletes on MuscleTech platinum creatine showed 18.6% increase in bench press strength in just 10 days. This is insane! Imagine consuming this powder for 6 months? I bet it will bring out the Superman in you.

Key features:

  • Budget-friendly creatine powder
  • Provides superior lift strength
  • Helps you gain lean muscle mass
  • Naturally unflavoured
  • HPLC-tested
  • Manufactured in a CGMP facility

2. Optimum Nutrition Creatine -Best for Beginners

optimum nutrition creatine powderIt is a beginner’s creatine supplement designed for gym newbies who want to build muscle fast. If you are a fitness rookie and have been sweating and struggling hard to lift heavy weights in the gym, start taking this powder for a few days before a workout to see exponential growth in your body.

As one of the Amazon bestsellers, optimum nutrition micronized creatine powder helps you train harder and longer. It is made with high-quality Creapure creatine which gives more energy and faster muscle growth. Its chemical formulation contains ultra premium yet simple ingredients which are easily absorbed by muscle cells making it optimal for new gym goers.

The best part is On creatine comes unflavoured so you can simply mix it in your favorite beverage to consume it before the training session as a pre-workout. Protein shakes, smoothies, fruit juices are some good options but out of all drinks, I personally found it most effective when mixed in Gatorade.

Key features:

  • 600 grams creatine monohydrate
  • Faster recovery
  • Made with Creapure
  • No added sugar
  • Minimizes protein breakdown

3. Crazy Muscle -Best Creatine Pills for Building Muscles

crazy muscle creatine pillsThree-Atine by Crazy Muscle contains not one but three types of creatine namely creatine monohydrate (96%), creatine alpha-ketoglutarate (1%) and creatine pyruvate (3%). This trio propels muscle fibers with an explosive energy that boosts overall workout performance and endurance.

These pills essentially transport creatine molecules to the muscle cells where they are stored as energy packets (ATP). When the body performs heavy lifting, muscles use these energy packets to deliver more energy to the muscular system to support the action. Not only that, using creatine pills is easy and more convenient than powder based supplements. Take one pill half an hour before the workout and you are good to go.

Speaking of its potency, one single capsule contains 1,667 mg of creatine triad which is double the size of other pills available in the market. With this much of phosphocreatine, the body starts to gain lean muscle mass in a few days. This is why this product is ideal for building bigger muscles and yes! creatine monohydrate pills do work and have proven results.

Key features:

  • Highly concentrated creatine pills
  • 90 tablets per bottle
  • Fuller physique in less time
  • Better post-workout recovery
  • Made in USA

4. BulkSupplements Creatine Monohydrate -Best for Bulking

bulksupplements creatineBulkSupplements is known for its high quantity of packagings. Even its creatine monohydrate comes in a massive 5 kilograms packaging that easily lasts up to 3 months. Quality wise, they do not use any kind of proprietary blends but simple ingredients for clean energy and pure strength.

BulkSupplements Creatine powder is a 99.99% pure high-performance formula that promises sudden mass gain, increased strength, and faster recovery. If you are a beginner and looking to load up your thin body with excessive mass, I highly suggest using this creatine.

Moreover, it is a pure vegan creatine powder that does not contain any artificial sweeteners, modified soy, gluten or yeats of any kind. But one thing that I don’t like about this product is that it does not come with a measuring scoop. You will need a supplement measuring spoon to precisely consume 5 grams of daily creatine intake.

Key features:

  • Ideal for bulking up
  • Good mixability in juices
  • Vegan-friendly creatine
  • No burnouts
  • Highly cost effective

5. BSN Creatine – Best Creatine Monohydrate

BSN creatineBSN is a legendary brand endorsed by many top-rated athletes and bodybuilders. Speaking of its micronized creatine monohydrate powder, it has set standards for many supplement manufacturing companies in the market. It is so pure that even dieticians recommend it for restricted lifestyles.

Compared to BSN creatine DNA, it is more refined and does not contain fillers. It has a very high absorption rate thanks to extremely micronized particles. Once absorbed, the fine particles break down into ATP molecules which fuel muscles to carry out heavy lifting in the gym.

To reap maximum benefits mix this creatine monohydrate powder in a post workout shake. This will replenish the ATP stock in muscles making you ready for the next workout session.

Key features:

  • Highly micronized creatine
  • Comes unflavored
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Wide tub for easy scooping

6. Six Star Pro Nutrition Creatine X3 -Best for Building Strength

six star creatine x3Next comes Six Star creatine which helps you gain strength and endurance for sports activities. It is ideal for people who love cardio, swimming, rowing, and aerobics. What makes it different from the rest of the supplements on this list is its 8 grams of HCl creatine powder per serving.

The Creatine X3 is a clinical blend of creatine monohydrate, HCL creatine plus 2.5 grams BCAA amino acids which deliver 30% more strength to withstand rigorous physical activities. Since it is a highly concentrated creatine powder, you should take half a tablespoon of powder and mix it in water. Once the body starts to adapt the change then you can take the standard 5 grams per day quantity.

Overall the Six Star Creatine X3 is not only a clear winner in the strength department but also in taste. It is available in a tasty “fruit punch” flavor making it the best tasting creatine powder so far. If you are not a big fan of flavored creatine supplements, you can buy the creatine x3 pills which have the same composition and are more convenient to consume. Make sure not to consume more than 1 pill per day. To experience the maximum effects take the pill 1 hour before the actual workout.

Key features:

  • Available in pills and powder
  • Ideal for building strength
  • Contains complex carbohydrates
  • Accelerates muscle performance
  • Six Star creatine is Gluten free

7.  MET-Rx Creatine 4200 -Best for Cutting (Fat Loss)

MET-Rx creatine 4200 supplementYes, creatine can help you lose fat quickly. It is an indirect effect on fatty cells. When you consume creatine, it helps you spend more time in gym building muscles. This way your body burns more calories than ever before ultimately tearing down the fatty cells. Try using Met-Rx creatine supplement to speed up the fat loss process.

It contains 4200 grams of ultrapure HPLC creatine monohydrate to help you get through extreme sweat sessions where you start to shed fat fast. It also accelerates the performance and recovery from the exercise so that you can train longer with less time gap between two workouts.

Key features:

  • Available in powder and bars
  • Lose fat quicker
  • Suitable for men and women
  • FDA approved
  • No side effects

8. Muscle Pharm Essentials Creatine -Best for Diabetics

muscle pharm creatineChoosing the right creatine can be challenging especially when you have blood glucose disorder. Here is good news for bodybuilders with high blood sugars, researchers have found that creatine improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetic patients. If you have type 2 diabetes, I recommend MP creatine powder.

Comes unflavoured, it is free from any kind of sweeteners, flavors, and colors. A single serving provides 5 grams of 100% pure micronized creatine monohydrate that give you a burst of energy to power you through heavy workouts. I recommend mixing it in plain water for extra protection against any blood sugar spikes.

Key features:

  • Sugar-free creatine supplement
  • Doctors recommended
  • No colors and flavors
  • 60 servings
  • Banned substance tested
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee

9. Naked Creatine -Best Creatine for Women

naked creatineNaked is a company that does not focus on crazy marketing schemes but makes sure to use simple yet effective ingredients to make better health products. Its creatine monohydrate is ideal for female athletes because it delivers low carb time bound energy reserves to the muscle fibers which does not flood the muscles with a lot of stock. One reviewer noted that she experienced a 24% increase in strength after 15 days of using this product.

Since the female muscular system is slightly different than men in terms of muscle density and size, naked creatine is apt for such configuration. It has good mixability in water and comes unflavored out of the box.

Key features:

  • Improves cognition
  • Low carb creatine
  • Fuels muscles for heavy lifts
  • No sweeteners

10. BPI Sports Best Creatine -Best for Runner Athletes

bpi best creatineKnown for protein bars, BPI is a sports nutrition company which has a wide range of health supplements under the umbrella. Especially the BPI best creatine powder is highly praised among long-distance runners. This unflavored micronized creatine magically reduces muscle fatigue that helps runners to go an extra mile.

Upon consumption, the six types of creatines namely- Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Magnapower, Creatine AKG, Creatine Anhydrous, Creatine Phosphate, pH Buffered Creatine Alkaline fused together to produce a massive amount of energy that fuel muscles to outperform any competition. BPI calls it pro strength creatine blend.

Another component that makes it unique is the 50 grams of Himalayan pink salt. The pink salt contains over 80 essential minerals and basic elements such as magnesium, calcium, and iron that are not found in regular salt. Consuming pink salt in creatine make your skin glow and help remove toxic elements out of the body.

Key features:

  • 6 types of creatine
  • 50 servings in 10.58-ounce packaging
  • No sugar, sweeteners, soy
  • Disperses easily in the fluid

Creatine Supplement- Commonly Asked Questions

Creatine is one of the researched and tested substances in the history of sports and nutrition supplements. While some people still believe creatine has side effects, studies prove that creatine is the safest supplement for enhancing performance and endurance during the heavy workouts. In order to keep things easy to understand, I have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding creatine down below.

What Does Creatine Do?

Creatine provides energy to muscles and is also responsible for restoring ATP levels. Although creatine is naturally present in muscle, consuming creatin from the outside source (supplement) increases the ATP levels in the muscles giving you more power to perform intensive exercises.

What are the Types of Creatine?

On a board category, there are mainly 10 types of creatine. These are as follow:

  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Creatine ethyl ester
  • Creatine anhydrous
  • Creatine phosphate
  • Creatine hydrochloride
  • Creatine HMB
  • Creatine titrate
  • Creatine Malate
  • Liquid Creatine
  • Creatine glutamine taurine

How to take Creatine?

Creatine can be taken with water, fruit juice, smoothies, shakes, cold beverages such as Gatorade, Glucon-D etc. If it is present in form of pill, tablet or capsule, it is recommended to use lukewarm water for consumption

Does Creatine cause Diarrhea?

Creatine is a nitrogen-containing organic acid which has dehydrating properties. If you have a low water level in your body, consuming thermogenic creatine can cause diarrhea. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stay hydrated all the time.

How much Creatine Should you Take?

The standard daily creatine intake limit is 5 grams. Consuming more than the recommended dose can cause some serious side effects such as stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and muscle cramping.

Where to buy Creatine?

Counterfeit supplements are a serious threat to health nowadays. There are many online websites that sell altered and fake supplements.  As of online, Amazon is the best place to buy creatine supplement.

Does Creatine go Bad?

Like every other dietary product, creatine also has an expiry date. As per the industry standards, a freshly prepared creatine powder expires after 24 months of packaging. However, no evidence has been found for such a claim.