Best Diet For Men Over 40

Summary: This article talks about a healthy diet plan for men over 40 from breakfast to dinner. While we recommend staying away from diet sodas and high carb junk foods, eating fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables is the key to long lasting health. 

diet plan for men over 40

Once you hit 40, you start to notice some changes in your body. You are not as active as you used to be with ease, and you get tired when you shouldn’t. You know that your metabolism is slowing down and that it will take a little bit of planning to keep yourself in the best possible shape.

The good news? If you eat the right things and avoid the foods that are not good for you, you should keep to a minimum the changes that are caused by aging. Even more, you should be able to avoid common health problems 40 years old men. It sounds good, right? So, let’s get started!

Start Your Day With a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day, but not the heaviest one. For a very long time, many people used to think that they can eat anything and everything in the morning, because they will use the calories during the day.

While this may be true to a certain extent, men over 40 you should watch out not only what you eat, but also how much you eat. Calories are calories regardless of the food you eat, and eating too many fruits (yes, there is too much of anything) will not help you maintain your shape.

Also, you should avoid heavy foods in the morning. It’s true, they will keep you satisfied for a few good hours, but they may also promote diseases in the long term and make you gain weight and feel tired.

Digestive problems are also common among men over 40, so a good amount of fiber is necessary from the first hours of the day. What to eat, then?

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: While you can eat as many vegetables as you want (it’s hard to load up on calories with vegetables) you should remember that fruits do contain a lot of sugar, so they should never be the main meal. Leafy Greens, tomatoes, spinach, mushroom, carrots, apples, plums, berries of all kinds are great for breakfast.
  • Eggs and Dairy: Eggs are a great way to get some protein in the morning, but make sure you have them boiled or poached; fried eggs may lose their nutrients, not to mention that they elevate your bad cholesterol. On the other hand, dairy may be your best friend or worst enemy. If you tolerate dairy well, great! Yogurt in the morning is easy on your stomach and it can be a great addition to your meal. On the other hand, if you notice that you have digestive problems every time you eat dairy, you may want to skip the milk and cereal and go for some vegetarian, just as delicious non-dairy milk and yogurt.
  • Quinoa or Oatmeal:  They are great choices for breakfast; they are quick, light but filling, healthy when combined with the right foods and they provide plenty of fibers to keep your digestion just fine.

What to avoid for breakfast?

In easy words, everything you wouldn’t count as “healthy”. Fried bacon, donuts or pancakes, anything loaded with sugar or with no nutritional value will not help you feel any better.

What to Eat for Lunch

You should be hungry by now, so you may be tempted to eat more than you need and generally the wrong foods, especially if you are eating at work or outside.  So, what are the right foods for lunch?

  • Protein: Chicken, turkey, beans and lentils, fish or tofu are just a few examples of protein that you should add to your lunch. It may be the right time to get out of your comfort zone and try vegetarian meals that men over 40 don’t usually go for. You will be surprised to see that beans can be just as tasty as a steak when cooked properly, not to mention that they are much more suitable for you now.
  • Vegetables: Here we go again; vegetables are very important for your diet. However, since it is so easy to gain weight, you want to prevent any kind of food that is processed or unhealthy. While potatoes are indeed vegetables, French fries are not a good choice. In other words, try to have a salad with your lunch as often as you can. Cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, olives; all these are great, tasty and filling.
  • Healthy fats:  And by this, I mean nuts, fish and/or Avocado. Don’t eat fats with every meal, but try to have some with your lunch every other day. They are good for keeping your good cholesterol down, and they keep you satisfied for a good part of the day. You can also try out gourmet healthy lunch recipes for the elderly in nearby restaurants.

Dinner Ideas for Men Over 40

Alright, you just got home from work and you want some delicious, comforting food. Ideally, dinner should be light and easy to digest. Down below are some healthy yet simple dinner ideas for older men.

  • Vegetable Soup: Yes, you heard it right. I know that soup may seem plain and unappealing at first, but there are plenty of delicious recipes out there that you should try. Cream soup can be very filling and delicious if you prepare it in the right way.
  • Born Rice: As much as you want to avoid carbohydrates, sometimes they are a good choice. Eating pizza for dinner is not the best choice, but brown rice with some roasted vegetables is delicious, healthy and it will keep you satisfied without being too heavy.

Bonus Tip: Two snacks per day are not only necessary but also nice to have!

Foods that Men over 40 Should Avoid

This is a long list, but we will try to keep it as simple and short as possible. 9 times out of 10, if you wouldn’t feed it to your baby, it is probably not good for you over 40. Here we can mention alcohol, processed sweets, red meat, foods that cause bloating, fries and deep-fried food in general, soda and anything that you would consider a “treat”. Can you have them every once in a while? Sure. Are they good for you? Not so much.

That’s it! Now go ahead and plan your next meal, and remember to make the right choices!

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