Best Glucometer in India 2019

best glucometer in india Gone are the days when medical labs used to take 3 days to provide blood sugar test results. In the modern era of technology, you can check your blood sugar level within 10 seconds with the help of modern glucometers. They are really fast, portable, and highly reliable in measuring the level of blood glucose level. Even doctors recommend buying a sugar testing machine for home.

But the question is, how to find the best glucometer in a market which is saturated with all sorts of blood monitoring devices? As a doctor, I collaborated with a few medical equipment manufacturers in India to find out the answer. After 2 months of thorough research and product reviews, I have come up with 10 best glucometers in India which are highly efficient in measuring the blood sugar level in the body.

Although the accuracy of these devices is still debatable, people in India still buy them due to convenience. These below listed top-rated glucometers have lower threshold value which allows them to provide results with low reading errors. Provided you follow the instruction manual carefully, these blood sugar machines can measure the glucose level with accuracy. So, without further ado let’s jump right into the list.

These are 10 Best Glucometer in India 2019:

RankingsProductStorage MemoryTest StripsCheck Price
1.Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer300 blood samples50amazon-buy-button
2.Accu-Chek Active Meter300 blood sample50amazon-buy-button
3.OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer250 blood samples10amazon-buy-button
4.Beato Smartphone Glucometer250 blood samples20amazon-buy-button
5.Bayer Contour Plus One Glucometer200 blood samples25amazon-buy-button
6.AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring SystemLast blood sample25amazon-buy-button
7.Control D Blood Glucose Monitor15 blood samples10amazon-buy-button
8.OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor15 blood samples10amazon-buy-button
9.Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer5 blood samples25amazon-buy-button
10.Ypsomed My Life Pura X Glucometer1 blood sample10amazon-buy-button

1. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Ranked #1 on Best Glucometer in India List

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One GlucometerDoctor Morepen BG-03 is a portable blood sugar monitoring device that provides result in just 5 seconds. As compare to other glucometers in the market, Morepen BG-03 is highly calibrated with 99.8% accuracy in the results. If you have been searching for a cheap and best glucometer in India, Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gloco One is the end of your search.

The BG-03 model comes with 50 test strips which can easily last up to 2 months. Since it uses biosensor technology, it uses just a small amount of blood sample to test the level of glucose. Therefore, you do not need to make poke your finger with large holes.

You also get 10 lancet needles in the box which help puncture the skin with great precision. On the actual lancet device, you can change the lancet needle puncture depth with the rotating numbered nob. This depends entirely on the quality and thickness of the patient.

Speaking of memory size, it can record up to 500 blood sample results. This makes it easy to keep a track of sugar levels in the body. You can also wipe the entire memory with a single reset button to start afresh. The testing range lies between 20-600 mg/dL (milligrams per decilitre).

One common problem that home glucometer users frequently encounter is finding the test strips. It is difficult to find the compatible test strips for the glucometers. But this is not the case with Dr. Morepen glucometer. You can easily find its compatible test strips online as well as offline in India.

The device is made up of durable plastic which sits in the palm nicely and easy. The company provides a lifetime warranty on the product. You can get it replaced with a new one if it is malfunctioning or does not provide accurate results.

Bottom line: With great accuracy and super fast result timings, Dr. Morepen is the best blood glucose meter in India for home.

Check Dr. Morepen Glucometer Price:

2. Accu-Chek Active Meter

Ranked #2 on Best Glucometer in India List

Accu-Chek Active MeterAccu-Check active glucometer works on the photometric method to the determine the glucose level in the blood. In terms of accuracy, it has an error range of 0.15 to 0.80 which is quite small. This blood sugar monitoring device is compact, efficient and provides results in a couple of seconds.

The Accu-check glucometer is made up of strong plastic with LED indicator. It comes in a small compact kit which contains the monitor, lancets, and the multicolored testing strips. The strips are sealed in a separate child proof casing to avoid contamination. Overall, you will not be disappointed by the packaging of the product on online purchase.

Speaking of the blood sugar check, the device is fast enough to provide results under 8 seconds. Although its blood glucose calculating time is more as compare to Dr. Morepen glucometer but is more accurate. The testing strip requires 1.5 mg/dL of a blood sample to determine the level of glucose.

The standard combo box comes with 50 multicolored strips which can last up to 2 months. If you perform the test very frequently, the stand-alone strips are available in the market as well. The entire blood sugar machine is powered by a CR-2032 battery which is generally used in CMOS chip in motherboards.

Bottom line: Accu-Check is among the best glucometer brands in India and has been the best seller on Amazon. If you are looking for a simple and reliable sugar testing machine, Accu-Check active is your best bet.

Check Accu-Check glucometer price:

3. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

Ranked #3 on Best Glucometer in India List

onetouch simple glucometerNext on our list of best glucometers in India is Amazon’s bestseller in-home medical supplies and equipment. One Touch Select is a simple blood glucose monitoring device which uses a small drop of a blood sample to determine the sugar level in the blood.

The high-low alarm feature makes this gadget stand apart from rest of the glucometers. In general, the normal blood sugar level after food is 140 mg/dL. If your test result goes beyond this level, a polyphonic alarm will alert you so that you can start taking blood sugar control measures.

The device comes in a nice green color packet which includes the lancet, strips and the device itself. Unlike other top glucometers, there is no need for any setup or coding upon boot up. With just a single button operation, OneTouch Select is indeed the very basic and simple glucometer you can buy online.

Just like most of the glucometers in India, this device comes with 2.5-inch LCD display which has a moderate resolution. To make the device simple to use for elder users, there are no extra controls on the screen such as time and date settings.

Speaking of memory, the device can store up to 250 test results. Having a history of blood sugar levels is a matter of convenience of the patient. The simple glucometer is powered by wristwatch battery which can last up to 4 months. Lastly, you get 10 free test strips with the pack which is easily available online at a very cheap price.

Bottom line: If you are looking for an easy-to-use glucometer that your elders can use without any assistance, OneTouch Select Simple is the end of your search.

Check OneTouch Select Simple glucometer price:

4. Beato Smartphone Glucometer

Ranked #4 on Best Glucometer in India List

Beato Smartphone GlucometerSmartphones are getting smarter day by day and Beato knows it. Therefore, they have designed an unorthodox smart glucometer device which can be connected to a smartphone to determine the level of glucose in the blood. Beato smartphone glucometer does not have a screen, rather it uses the mobile screen to show the results.

Someone can pinpoint that having a smartphone handy all the time is not possible. Especially when elders in India are still using old basic mobile phones, it becomes difficult for them to know the blood sugar. Well on the brighter side, I feel this Beato glucometer encourages the use of a smartphone in India.

Speaking of the device, it has a 3.5 mm jack when helps you connect it to a smartphone. If you using iPhone, you probably need a 3.5 mm jack adapter. The glucometer uses 0.6 microlitres of a blood sample to determine the blood sugar.

In order to get results, one must download the “Beat in control app” from the Google Play store. Of course, the app is also available on Apple Store as well. The app lets you manage all the test results and uses your phone memory for this task.

You get 20 test strips out of the box and can purchase more online for further tests. The device has a good build quality and the battery backup is also commendable. The company claims that the device will last for 5 years and can perform more than 4000 blood sugar tests.

Bottom line: Turn your smartphone into a glucometer with Beato Smartphone Glucometer.

Check Beato Smartphone Glucometer price:

5. Bayer Contour Plus One Glucometer

Ranked #5 on Best Glucometer in India List

bayer contour plus glucometerNext on our list of best glucometers in India is Bayer Contour Plus. As compare to other glucometers in the market, Bayer Contour is pretty thin and has a pen-like structure. You can carry it in your pocket and perform a blood sugar test at any place.

Starting off with the review, the Contour glucometer is made up of durable high-grade black plastic. Unfortunately, as of now, there are no other color options available on the market. The device boots very well and does not require the test strip inside during the initial boot.

The glucometer kit also contains 25 test strips which are single use only. Once you take a small blood sample with the help of a lancet device, the reading can be checked on the led panel. Although, the display is not big but is bright enough to show the results clearly.

You can also check previous blood tests with the help of glucometer app. Bayer glucometer app lets you store all your blood sugar test reports in your smartphone. The glucometer accuracy is tested under strict regulations as governed by the medical health association of India.

Bottom line: Bayer Contour Plus is a reliable glucometer kit and a complete home-care solution for diabetes management.

Check Bayer Contour Plus Glucometer price:

6. AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Ranked #6 on Best Glucometer in India List

accusure blood glucometerAnother blood glucose meter which is widely popular among elders in India is AccuSure blood monitoring system. Its unique blue color design and rigid body construction makes it one of the best sugar test machine available online. Let us look into the product details more closely.

The AccuSure is a photometric glucometer which works on the principle of photometry for measuring blood glucose level. The intensity of light refracted from the blood sample helps the device measure the level of glucose in the blood. The company claims the accuracy of the glucometer to be 98% under strict supervision and a closed environment.

Unlike other top-rated glucometers available in India, this device does not support glucometer app. Since the device is capable of storing 250 blood tests, there is no need of installing an app. Along with standard lancet device, you get 25 multicolored test strips which are also separately available online.

Bottom line:  AccuSure is one of the most trusted glucometer brands in India which is frequently used by many diabetic patients. It is also one of the cheapest glucometers in India.

Check AccuSure glucometer price in India:


7. Control D Blood Glucose Monitor

Ranked #7 on Best Glucometer in India List

Control D Blood Glucose MonitorAlthough there are many diabetes checking machines on the market, Control D glucometer stands apart because of its inbuilt high-grade carbon electrodes. These electrodes help measure blood glucose level with great precision and accuracy. Unlike other best glucometer machines, there is no need for coding in Control D blood glucose monitor.

The other major highlight of Control D blood monitor is the “Amperometric biosensors”. Amperometric biosensors function by the production of a current when a potential is applied between two electrodes. The response time is very quick in making the glucometer to produce blood sugar test within 5 seconds.

The device comes in a compact kit casing which contains lancet device, glucometer, and 10 multi-colored glucometer strips. You can also find the control d strips sold separately online at cheap prices. The black and gold casing of the overall packaging feels very premium. Speaking of memory size, this glucometer can sustain up to 15 blood sample reports thanks to large memory size.

You can also download the Control D app on your smartphone that will help you manage all your reports in one place. The one-touch glucometer button can send the reports directly to your designated doctor without any trouble.

Bottom line: With quick and fast draw technology, Control D is a budget glucometer you can buy online in India.

Check Control D glucometer price:

8. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

Ranked #8 on Best Glucometer in India List

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose MonitorNext on our list of best glucometer in India is OneTouch Verio Flex glucose monitor. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best bluetooth glucometer which helps share your progress with your family, friends, or your trusted care network.

OneTouch glucometer strips are made with precious metals such as gold,  and palladium, to give you accurate results in just 5 seconds. Since it is also a photometric glucometer, it does not require any coding during the initial boot. All you need is a tiny drop of blood on the enzyme activated test strip.

You get 10 glucometer strips out of the box which can be purchased online or at nearby shops in India. Unlike other lancet devices, OneTouch lancet pen has a unique mechanism which induces less pain during lancing. If you have been looking to purchase the best painless lancet device, buy OneTouch Verios Flex glucometer.

At last, the Verios Flex glucometer comes with timeline feature which monitors and records important blood sugar events, highlighting when you have been repeatedly out of range. This is important if you have a brittle blood sugar history.

Bottom line: OneTouch Verio Flex is one of the best Bluetooth glucometers in India.

Check OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor price:

9. Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer

Ranked #9 on Best Glucometer in India List

Apollo Sugar Glucome GlucometerApollo launched its health monitoring device with a motto to bring health, wealth and prosperity for common people in India. Being one of the simple glucometers in India, Apollo Sugar Glucose glucometer does not require internet or any mobile accessories is required for measuring the readings.

Powered by an android blood sugar monitoring app, diabetes experts keep a close watch on your blood samples. You can also get video consultations by a diabetes doctor online with the help of an app. All you have to do is register your product with a valid email address.

Speaking of the glucometer kit, it has an optimized performance with good accuracy. You also get free 25 gold plated glucometer strips out of the box. The company provides diabetes support services for a period of 6 months after the activation of the product on its website.

Bottom line: Apollo sugar monitor is a reliable, cost-effective and cheap glucometer which will have good technical support.

Check Apollo sugar glucometer price:


10. Ypsomed My Life Pura X Glucometer

Ranked #10 on Best Glucometer in India List

Ypsomed My Life Pura X GlucometerLast but not the least product on our list of best glucometer in India is Ypsomed My Life Pura X glucometer. Ypsomed Holdings is a Swiss health product manufacturing company which recently launched its affordable and limited addition blood glucose monitoring device in India. 

Being successful in Switzerland, My Life Pura glucometer is now available online in India at a cheap price. It comes with 10 test strips and 10 disposable lancets which are made up of high-grade double-edged blades. Although you do not get any technical support online, the device is easy to operate and carry.

With a wristwatch battery, the device can last for 6 months without any issue. In terms of blood glucose measurement, no complaints have been registered against the product. The build quality of glucometer is great and the company provides a lifetime warranty on the product as well.

Bottom line: If you want to purchase the best-built quality and an internationally acclaimed branded glucometer under one thousand price, Ypsomed Pura X is your best bet.

Check Ypsomed PURA X glucometer price:


This concludes our list of best glucometer in India as of 2018. All these glucometers are available on Amazon Prime and have good ratings and reviews. Now it is your choice to select the best sugar testing machine for home use under your budget.

Best Glucometer in India- Buying Guide

glucometer buying guideIf you are diabetic, having a glucometer at home becomes an absolute necessity. Accuracy also plays a significant role when it comes to buying a glucometer or any other blood sugar monitoring device.

Based on the working principle,  there are two types of glucometers available in the market. They are

  1. Photometric glucometers
  2. Electrochemical glucometers

Although both these types of glucometers are capable of reading the glucose in the blood sample with great accuracy, photometric glucometers are more popular in the market. Let us find out the difference between these glucometers.

In a photometric method, a light ray passes into the strip containing the blood sample which forms a complex with the enzyme on the strip. The intensity of the color is directly proportional to the quantity of glucose in the blood. There are a lot of factors that can affect the reading of the glucometer such as

  • The intensity of the light source
  • Amount of blood sample
  • Humidity sensitivity
  • Touch sensitivity

Whereas, in an electrochemical glucometer, the enzyme in the test strip reacts with the blood glucose and produces current. The intensity of the current produced is measured with the help of electric sensors which corresponds to the level of glucose in the blood sample.

According to a study, the machines using electrochemical method are more accurate than the photoelectric glucometers. The possible reason could be that our blood contains various types of sugars such as glucose, lactose, maltose, and galactose, etc. When we use the test strip containing the enzyme, the glucose specificity of the enzyme helps determines the accuracy of the reading. If the enzyme detects any other type of enzyme in the blood, this will provide wrong blood glucose levels.

In all, both types of glucometers are available in the market. If you are looking for a cheap and budget oriented machine, you can buy photometric glucometers. But if accuracy matters most, electrochemical glucometers such OneTouch Ultra is your best bet. Not to mention, regular exercise and proper diet is the key to control blood glucose. Some of the Ancient Hindu scripts in Ayurveda mentions special yoga for diabetes that is highly effective for both type-1 and 2 patients. While taking a morning walk in the park is recommended, treadmills are also a great alternative.

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