Best Lubes for Masturbation in 2019

Do you spit on your penis to get some lubrication during masturbation? Well, I have done that couple of times in the past and it is not an uncommon activity at all. In fact, about 70% of male spit on their penis to get some sort of moisture during masturbation.

Our spit contains saliva which is a natural antibacterial lubricant. But using saliva as a masturbation lubricant is not recommended by many sexologists because saliva cannot sustain the lubrication consistency throughout the strokes. This leads to friction burn on penis skin that leaves penis red, swollen, and tender to the touch.

So the best way to enjoy self-sexual stimulation without harming your own delicate genitals is by using masturbation lubes. These lubes are specially designed to provide long-lasting moisture without causing any irritation to the private parts skin. This article highlights some of the best masturbation lubes for male and female you can buy online.

Types of Masturbation Lubes

(a) Water-based Lubricants

The water-based lubes are formulated with water retaining plant polymers which have a balanced pH level. These lubes tend to hydrate soft tissues and do not irritate the surface of sex organ in any way. I do not recommend using water-based lubricant while masturbating in the shower because it is easily washed off and dissolves with water. Apart from masturbation, these lubes are also suitable for vaginal sex, self-stimulation using sex toys, and fingering.

(b) Silicone-based Lubricants

If you into anal sex, silicone-based lubes are your best sex accessory. They are made up of synthetic chemicals such as silicon or petroleum jelly which do not disperse in water. These lubricants have a high density which lasts longer than water-based lubes and also provide a numbness to the sensitive part for a few seconds. We recommend this type of lube if you have very dry skin.

(c) Oil-based Lubricants

Some people can get rashes by using synthetic chemical based lubricants. A good natural alternative for such lubes is oil-based lubricants. Oil based lubes provide natural and exceptional skin conditioning to the genitals without any side effects. You will ingredients such as sweet almond oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E in a good quality oil lubricant.

Top 10 Best Lubricants for Masturbation

NameFeaturesCheck Latest Price
Aloe Cadabraoil based lube, contains pina colada, vitamin E, aloe vera, organic stevia latest price on amazon
Penchant Premium Lubesilicon based lube for sensitive skin, no parabens or glycerinlatest price on amazon
#LubeLifesilky smooth non sticky water lube, adult toy friendly, no parabens latest price on amazon
Astroglide Liquidwater based lubricant, ph balanced, petroleum freelatest price on amazon
Isabel Fayodorless and colorless water based masturabtion lube latest price on amazon
Classic Erotica Crazy Girloral sex gel, cotton candy flavor, contains glycerin and honeylatest price on amazon
Shibari Premium Personal Lubricantwater based masturbation lube, hypoallergenic, clean and non-staining
latest price on amazon
Just Like Me Natural Lubricantlightweight gentle gel lubricant, naturally moisturizes genitals latest price on amazon
[G] Female Stimulating Gel contains natural mint extract, ideal for females, self pumping mechanism latest price on amazon
Wet Uranussilicone based lube, contains dimethicone, not suitable for toys latest price on amazon

1. Aloe Cadabra

masturbation lube-aloe cadabraAloe Cadabra is a water-based organic sex lubricant which is suitable for both men and women. It can be used for oral sex, masturbation, sex toying, to eliminate painful intercourse and menopause dryness.

Formulated with high-grade organic aloe vera, this sex lube does not cause skin irritation. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best masturbation lubes for sensitive skin in the market as of now.

To use, simply apply the lube on the private part skin and wash it off with water after you have conducted the business. I recommend this lube especially for masturbation because it comes in Pina Colada flavor which adds more ecstasy to the overall masturbating experience.

2. Penchant Premium Lube

masturbation lube-penchantThere is something unique about this sex lube. You see unlike other lubricants, it does not contain spermicides. So if you trying to make a baby, you can freely use this lube without any second thoughts.

On the contrary, one user pointed out that it is compatible with natural rubber latex which means this product can be used on contraceptives such as condoms. This silicon-based lube is good water repellent, so it takes little efforts to completely wipe it down.

The good thing is it does not leave any odor or stain on the baby maker and contains no glycerin or parabens. The unique silicone formula tends to be quite silky and soft for a lube. Penchant lube contains an active ingredient called lidocaine, which causes numbness to the applied area. This helps to increase ejection fraction by a few minutes.

3. #LubeLife

masturbation lube-#lubelifeI recommend looking for this product in Amazon masturbation lubes inventory because it is one of the highest rated premium sex lubricants on social media right now. I have seen many X-rated pornstars promoting this lube on their profile pages.

So what’s so crazy about this lubricant? Well, design wise it looks gorgeous. Comes in a beautiful sleek white and gold printed transparent bottle which is easy to carry around. Speaking of lube itself, it carries an aqua smell with a hint of citrus clinique.

Being a water based lube, you can play safe with your intimate sex toys and natural boner. Unlike cheap sex lubes, this one stands out in terms of quality and value. If you are a playboy, this a must for you.

4. Astroglide Liquid

masturbation lube-astroglide

Astroglide can give you a nice and slippery surface to carry out handjob. It contains water soluble ingredients which are condom compatible and less irritant to sensitive skin.

If you are a couple, I still recommend this lube for vaginal sex. Unlike other water-based lubricants, it is a thicker formula that imitates vaginal moisturizer. Simply apply a few drops of Astroglide on the vaginal opening and let the penis glide into the new dimension of human physical being.

5. Isabel Fay

masturbation lube-isabel fayIsabel Fay gives you natural lubrication between your hand and jackhammer. It is highly effective in eliminating any friction between the skins. Some reviewers noted that it also improves penile erection during foreplay.

Comes in a pushdown pump on top, this sex lubricant gel is suitable for men and women. The labeling is so discrete that it looks like a handwash at first glance. This makes it an ideal choice for people who want to keep things very much private and discrete when someone uses their washroom.

Although it does provide irritant free lubrication to private parts, I do not recommend it for hardcore sex. If you are not satisfied with the product, the company provides a 100% money back guarantee too.

6. Classic Erotica Crazy Girl

masturbation lube-crazy girlWhen the masturbation escalates towards oral sex, I recommend this oral sex lube from Classic Erotica. It is a sensual blend of the finest ingredients that assures full pleasure and satisfaction. The formula also promises to be the best tasting lube for oral sex in the market.

A major advantage of this lube is that it comes in a compact 2-ounce packaging, so you can easily carry in your back pocket without worrying too much about the mess. Users confirm that only 4-5 drops of this cotton candy flavored lube are enough for women to go extra mile for their men.

Also, no throat numbing sensations or desensitization effects have been noted after using this product. Although it tastes a little unnatural, keeps the genitals nonsticky, dry and playful.

7. Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant

masturbation lube-shibariWhile companies are trying to formulate complex lubricant blends, Shibari is keeping things simple for people like me who want a plain natural lube for personal use.

It is a pure natural water based lube with no added chemicals that give you soft, silky, and smooth feel to your every touch. Free of fragrances and irritating preservatives, it is a lube for sensitive skin guys and girls. It also makes it compatible with all sorts of toys, latex condoms, and sex machines.

Easily available in 8-ounce packaging, it will last for months unless you are addicted to love making process.

8. Just Like Me Natural Lubricant

masturbation lube-just like meIf you are looking for something that you can use every day even when intimacy is not on the agenda, try using this lube. Apart from providing full lubrication to occasional erections, you can wear this lube on your genitals to lock moisture during dry days.

The secret behind the popularity of this oil lube is Maui coconut oil. Mainly used to treat dry hair problems, this oil essentially provides deep nourishment to skin pores. For erotic or sexual activities like jerking off, this blend is infused with Aloe vera which makes the experience absolutely blissful.

9. [G] Female Stimulating Gel

masturbation lube-[G] female stimulating gelYou might not know this but women masturbate more than male. As a matter of fact, studies show that masturbation impacts women psychologically, relationally, and biologically. For such women who want to fully enjoy self-stimulation, I recommend this Amazon’s bestseller female masturbation lube. I even say it is the best lube for female masturbation.

Unlike other vaginal gels, this product contains Carizzma which is a moisture-rich lubricating component similar to the vaginal fluid. This helps females to experience close to perfect sexual encounter using a toy or fingers. Not only that, but it also contains Primrose oil which leaves a flowery smell that blends in amazingly with entire sensual experience.

10. Wet Uranus

masturbation lube-wet uranusOther than masturbation if you perform anal sex, we recommend using Wet Uranus lube. This sex gel forms a thick layer of moisture around the anus which facilitates insertion. Reviewers confirm that this product is highly effective in decreasing pain during first time anal sex.

Other than that, it also helps stimulate the glans which helps you reach the orgasm quickly. After many testing conducted by the FDA, it is the only personal lubricant which is approved as a 510(k) medical device in the United States.

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