Best Multivitamins for Women Over 40

Many things change when women reaches to their forties. Their body starts to prepare for a  transition into menopause which is almost a life changing experience. In order to get through these changes, certain types of vitamins become absolutely necessary.

As men and women are different, their vitamin requirements are also different. While older men require more vitamin B12 to mention brain health, older women need more folate to meet minimum red blood cell requirement. In this article, you will learn about 7 best multivitamins for women who are in their 40’s which promote health and well being. 

Essential Vitamins For Women Over 40

Although there are many types of vitamins and minerals present in a multivitamin supplement, following are three essential vitamins you should look for in the multivitamin for women over 40.

  • Folic Acid: Commonly known as folate, it is an essential vitamin that help prevent neural tube defects in women during pregnancy. It also helps the body to produce and maintain new red blood cells. Multivitamin for women with folic acid
  • Iron: Since women lose blood on monthly basis during menstrual cycle, they require more Iron as compared to men. Although the average amount of blood loss during period decrease with age, women still need iron to prevent anemia.
  • Vitamin D: Although women are highly active and rarely overweight, a study shows that women tend to have higher lower back pain as compared to male counterparts. This is why vitamin D becomes essential because it helps in preventing lower back pains in women. It also enables body to absorb calcium which ultimately make bones stronger.

The 7 Best Multivitamins for Women Over 40

1. New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily 40+

new chapter women vitamins 40+

One of the best selling multivitamin brand online, New Chapter multivitamins have highest quality natural ingredients and are quite affordable too. Their Woman’s One Daily 40+ is favorite among older women because it is a fermented multivitamin which is gentle on empty stomach.

Women’s One Daily 40+ contains eight fermented B vitamins to support physical energy by converting food into energy. Other key nutrients such as vitamins D3, C and E promotes high bone density, immunity, and better vision. Not to mention, fermented vitamins are easy to digest and have high bioavailability.   

2. Mykind Organic Women’s 40+

mykind organics women over 40 multivitamin

Taking mykind Organic Women’s 40+ multivitamin will help women prevent any type of vitamin deficiency in the long run. It is a certified vegan multivitamin for women that contains vegan D3 for bone health, Iodine for thyroid support, and turmeric that eliminates inflammation in the body.

Specially formulated for women, these vitamins are derived from organic whole foods that have 100% bioavailability. Unlike men’s multivitamins, it contains 1000% daily value of B-complex which keeps energy and metabolism at higher levels. Other than that, it also contains organic black cohosh (a medicinal herb) that prevents acne, sore throat, and cough.  

3. MegaFood – Women Over 40 One Daily

MegaFood Women Over 40 One Daily Multivitamin

We recommend MegaFood One Daily to women over 40 because it is a complete multivitamin supplement that supports hair, skin, hormone balancing, nails, and energy production. With so many benefits, no wonder is the Amazon’s best seller as of now.

MegaFood one daily is made from real organic superfoods grown in the farms of New Hemisphere. Every single multivitamin tablet of MegaFood contains balanced ratio of vitamin A, B-complex, Iron, and Biotin that supports optimal health and well being. Women can take the multi empty stomach without facing any bloating or nausea.

4. Pure Encapsulations

pure encapsulations women's nutrients

If women are serious about taking care of body in your forties, we recommend taking Pure Encapsulations multivitamins. It is a comprehensive nutrition formula that contains mineral complex with Metafolin L-5-MTHF folate formula which is designed for women over 40. According to the labelling, this multivitamin is free from gluten, peanuts, hydrogenated fat, artificial sweeteners, and other unnecessary excipients.

The Pure Encapsulations women’s multivitamins contains hypoallergenic ingredients are safe for women with high sensitivity towards drugs.Unlike other women multivitamins, It delivers optimal results by safekeeping emotional health.   

5. INNATE Response Formulas

innate women's multivitamin

Innate women’s multivitamin will set an ideal foundation to enjoy life in forties. With a combination of vitamins, minerals, and botanical blends, it helps older women strive for a physical and mental balance.

Apart from its high potency, one thing that might affect you is the size of tablets. A single multivitamin tablet measures 2.3 cms long which can be really hard for women to take it as a whole. We recommend splitting into two for ease. Just other vitamins, it is gentle on stomach and can be taken any time of the day as per convenience.  

6. Women’s 45+ 1-Daily Multi

Women's 45+ 1-Daily Multi

For older women who have gastric and digestive problems, we recommend Emerald laboratories women’s 45+ multivitamin. It is fortified with organic broccoli extract that contains a large quantity of fibres which facilitate smooth bowel movement.

This multivitamin is specifically tailored to fulfil the vitamin requirements of women over 40. The blend includes methylated folate for better memory and brain function, vitamin D for bone strengthening, and vitamin K to reduce arterial calcification.


throne meta fem women's multivitamin

An excellent choice for mom who are either in pre or postmenopausal age, Meta Fem insures  sustainable bone and immune health. Unlike other woman’s multivitamins, it contains more calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, vitamins B2, B6, B12, and folate to support healthy bone and immune systems.

The Thorne vitamins are made in the United States and are free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, fish, or shellfish. Women who are allergic to eggs, tree nuts, peanuts can also use it because it does not contain major dairy allergies too. Reviews suggest that women felt noticeable difference in energy and stamina after taking this multivitamin daily with food.   


Now you know what are the best multivitamins for women over 40 in the market and which one to buy according to your needs. While multivitamins can help fulfil vitamin requirements, these are no substitute to a healthy diet. Women should include green vegetables, dry fruits, and certain beverages in their diet to stay healthy naturally.