Best Pregnancy Test Kit in India 2019

Did you miss your period recently? Well, this could be your first of many early pregnancy signs. Although there are many reasons why women miss a period, it is wise to perform an early pregnancy test to be sure about the situation. In order to perform the test, you will need a home pregnancy test kit. Hence this article highlights 5 best pregnancy test kit in India which can help you confirm pregnancy with trustworthy test results. If you are new to these test kits, please understand how to use pregnancy test kit at home before purchasing one online. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into my list.

5 Best Pregnancy Test Kit in India 2019

Neclife Getnews Advance One Step Pregnancy Testing KitVery high accuracy, Results under 3 minutes, ISO 13485 And Ce Approved Test amazon-buy-button
I-Know Ovulation StripEasy to use strip, 3 to 5 minutes wait time, 99.05% accuracyamazon-buy-button
Neclife Getnews One Step Urine (Hcg) Pregnancy Test5 urine pregnancy tests strips, 99.99% Accuracy, amazon-buy-button
First Response Digital Pregnancy Detection KitSimple Yes/No digitak results, High accuracy, 2 tests available. amazon-buy-button
Inito Fertility MonitorIdentify 6 fertile days, Mobile App notifications, Precise detection for LH and Estrogenamazon-buy-button

These are the 5 best pregnancy test kit in India as of 2019:

1. Neclife Getnews Advance One Step Pregnancy Testing Kit

Neclife Getnews Advance One Step Pregnancy Testing KitNeclife Getnews Advance is the best home pregnancy test kit available in India. It is the first test kit which has ISO-13485 And Ce certification. Unlike other pregnancy test kits such as Preganews, Velocit, Prega sure, and I sure, it comes with a money back guarantee if it fails to provide results within 5 minutes.

Out of the box, you get 5 use and throw Getnews Advance Test devices and a user manual. Since every pregnancy tests kit works in a different way, I highly recommend you to read the instruction manual thoroughly before performing the test. Please note, 70% of pregnancy tests fail because of improper use of the device.

Before using the Getnews test kit, you will need to first decide the time of execution. According to the gynecologists, morning is the best time to use pregnancy test after a missed period. As the first-morning sample contains a high concentration of hCG pregnancy hormone it allows the device to detect pregnancy easily.

In order to perform the test, you will need to hold the device in the line of the urine stream. Make sure you pee directly on the exposed absorbent tip on the device. Once done, remove the device from the urine stream and cover the absorbent tip with the cap instantly. This helps prevent any contamination in the sensitive detection window of the device. Place the device on a flat surface and wait for 5 minutes for the results. To check pregnancy, please check the color codes appearing on the test window. Usually, two color lines mean you are pregnant.

Bottom line: Neclife Getnews Advance is a high accuracy pregnancy test kit which provides results under 5 minutes. Without a doubt, it is the best pregnancy test kit in India that you can buy online today.

2. I-Know Ovulation Strip

I-Know Ovulation Pregnancy Test StripPiramal I-know is a home check ovulation test kit and is on number #2 on my list. Originally developed and designed to determine the most fertile days in cycle, it works like a pregnancy test kit. Many Indian actresses endorse this product openly on the national television and hence it is widely popular among teenagers.

The working principle of this device is very simple. During the average menstrual cycle, the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) level increases on specific days. At this time, the women eggs are in most fertile state and probability of conceiving in such period increases exponentially. The I-know ovulation strip detects such LH surge in the sample and can confirm pregnancy adequately.

Just like other pregnancy test kits available in India, I-Know provides trustworthy tests and a piece of mind. You can also track your results from the day of your cycle. If you going through an irregular menstrual cycle, please refer to the user manual.

The process of using this pregnancy tests kit is pretty easy. You need to store the urine sample in a sterilized container and dip the strip in the sample. It takes around 3-5 minutes of the color bands to appear on the window. If you do not get any marking on the device, please repeat the test after 3 hours.

Bottom line: With a simple design, easy to use manual and low-level hCG detection, I-know is the best pregnancy test kit in India.

3. Neclife Getnews One Step Urine (Hcg) Pregnancy Test

Neclife Getnews One Step Urine (Hcg) Pregnancy TestThose women who feel awkward peeing directly on the strip can buy Neclife Getnews one step urine pregnancy test kit online. As the name suggests, this pregnancy test calculator detects any presence of HCG in the urine sample to confirm pregnancy. Just like other pregnancy kit brands in India, it is approved by the Indian Medical Association.

The test kit comes with 5 pregnancy test strips, a dropper to collect the urine sample, and a desiccant. Since Indians are generally shy buying the sexual health products at shops, the packaging of this product has been kept quite discrete. Please note the test strips are one-time use only. Do not repeat the test with the same strip as it will result in contamination of the absorbent tip.

Moving onto the test itself, you will need a sterilized container to fill it up with a urine sample. Use the dropper to spill around 3-4 drops of the sample on the test strip. Place the strip on a flat surface and wait for 5 minutes. The color codes will start to appear after the wait time which helps you determine the results. The kit is highly reliable and many doctors prescribe it for early pregnancy detection.

Bottom line: Priced under 200 rupees, it is the best and cheap pregnancy test kit available in India as of 2019.

4. First Response Digital Pregnancy Detection Kit

First Response Digital Pregnancy Detection Kit

Next on my list is a digital pregnancy test kit which is very popular among working women in India. Unlike other best pregnancy kits in India, First Response provides simple Yes or No pregnancy test results. No more hassle of remembering color codes and lines. Not only that First Response kit can detect pregnancy 5 days sooner than your missed period. No wonder it is on the best seller category of Amazon for the year 2018.

Speaking of the product itself, you will get 2 test strips inside the package. These strips are coated with a protein called a monoclonal antibody (MAb), which reacts with any hCG present in the urine. According to the user manual of this product, it can detect all of the major pregnancy hormone forms commonly found in urine.

Now the question is how to use this pregnancy kit at home? Well just like other kits, all you have to do is use the urine sample; drop a few drops on the exposed tip and wait for few minutes. The average wait time of the device is around 58 seconds which is pretty good. Although it is not a cheap pregnancy test kit it surely provides an accuracy of over 99% in every test result.

Bottom line: With a wait time of 1 minute, First Response Digital is the best instant pregnancy test kit in India.

5. Inito Fertility Monitor
Inito Fertility Monitor

Last but not least is Inito Fertility Monitor which is a modern pregnancy calculator device. This device identifies up to 6 fertile days in your menstrual cycle. Although it works as an ovulation kit you can still perform pregnancy kit with it. The test strips are very accurate in measuring hormones like LH & Estrogen in the urine sample.

Once you perform the test by using a urine sample, the monitor precisely reads the values and sends to the mobile app. In order to get results, you will have to install the Inito App from the play store. I am afraid there is no app available for Apple Store hence those who are using iOs devices will have to log in online to get results.

Apart from using it as a pregnancy test kit, you can use it to plan a pregnancy. Many women in India go for surrogacy just because they have less conceiving power or they do not perform baby making at the right time. This monitor works well with regular as well as irregular menstrual cycles.

Bottom line: Inito Fertility monitor is multipurpose sexual health equipment which not only measures high fertile days but also detects pregnancy with great precision.

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