Best Shampoo for Oily Hair 2019

Although dry shampoo is a quick and effective way of managing oily hair problems, it is not a permanent solution. In order to completely eliminate greasy root and oily scalp issues, regular hair wash with water-based shampoos is required. Since normal shampoo and conditioner can reach down the follicles to the root level, it tends to remove oil and dirt particles more excellently than a dry shampoo that sticks and stays on the scalp until washed. This article highlights 10 best shampoos for oily hair which are highly effective in abolishing grease and oil from hair.

Before we proceed, it is important to understand why hair gets oily in the first place? The answer lies in the hair roots. The microscopic sebaceous glands present in the hair roots secrete a sticky waxy substance called sebum which lubricates hair strands. Hormonal imbalance due to stress, anxiety, hyperplasia cause the glands to produce an excessive quantity of sebum making hairs greasy fast. Apart from shampooing, eating a balanced diet and deep breathing exercises and yoga can also help you rid of oily hair problem.

1. Degrease By Maple Holistics – Best Overall Shampoo

Degrease By Maple HolisticsDegrease is a powerful moisture control shampoo for oily and itchy scalp. It contains a blend of lemon, jojoba, and rosemary oil which is a clinically proven remedy for oily hair. We recommend using this shampoo thrice a week as it contains natural ingredients such as amla, basil, and cypress oil that nourish follicles and promote hair growth.

Suitable for both men and women, Degrease also help restore pH balance and promotes healthy sebum level while reducing itchiness on the scalp. Moreover, it works wonder for chemically treated hair as well. To reap the maximum benefits of this product, simply apply coconut oil 30 minutes before washing for healthy and shinner hair.

2. SCHWARZKOPF Bonacure – Best Men Shampoo for Oily Hair

SCHWARZKOPF Bonacure shampooMen’s hair is slightly different than female counterparts and hence they need specially formulated hair product to fix oily hair problem. I introduce you to Schwarzkopf Bonacure which is specially designed for short, rough, and thick hair commonly found in men.

Schwarzkopf promises that its Bonacure oil-free shampoo can remove dirt, wax, and grease from the hair efficiently in one wash. It is ideal for men with an itchy scalp. You can use this shampoo every day as it is free from harmful sulfates and paraffin that cause frequent hair fall.

One reviewer reported that unlike other creamy oil reducing shampoos, it a clear liquid that penetrates straight into the roots. It works exceptionally well as a botanical cleaner and leaves a pleasant fruity smell after hair rinse.

3. SCALP D Medical Shampoo

SCALP D Medical ShampooIf you have naturally oily hair, use two tablespoon quantity of SCALP D for a few months. Imported from Japan in the United States, it is a highly concentrated shampoo that contains black bean soymilk ferment filtrate and iris root extract that helps you get rid of excess sebum.

SCALP D comes is a beautiful maroon colored 350 ml push top bottle which can last up to 4 months. Unlike other oil shampoo brands, it contains 70% scalp care solution and 30% cleansing ingredients. Well, honestly this product is quite potent and worth spending money. It is not like some drugstore shampoo that just contains 90% water.

4. Natural Shampoo by Honeydew

Natural Shampoo by HoneydewFor people who have a dry itchy and very sensitive scalp, we recommend Natural Shampoo from Honeydew. This shampoo is equipped with therapeutic grade oil formula that provides instant relief from oily hair while nourishing the scalp with its aromatic properties.

Not only that, it delivers a healthy dose of botanical keratin and gamma-linolenic acid that provide volume so make hair look fuller preventing the hair thinning process. It leaves head with a strong lavender fragrance that lasts for approximately 3 hours. So, there is no need to buy a body mist for that matter.

5. Soapberry for Hair by Tree to Tub

Soapberry for Hair by Tree to TubYou might have seen Soapberry shampoo by Tree to Tub commercials during your daily soap tv serials. We recommend buying this shampoo when you are shopping at the superstore.

It is a good argon oil shampoo that helps balances the overall ph of the scalp. It gently clears out extra grease from the hair making them fluffy and dry. The oil scrubbing formula contains organic ingredients like peppermint, Moroccan argan oil, aloe vera, chamomile and olive leaves that are natural hair cleanser with no side effects.

During rinsing, the shampoo forms light lather with a mild coconut scent. Unlike other organic shampoos, it does not leave creamy texture and is suitable for chemically treated hair as well.

6. Lemon Sage

lemon sage shampoo for oily hairLemon sage is a volumizing shampoo which is ideal for oily hair. We also recommend this shampoo if you have severe hair loss and thinning problem due to dandruff. It contains pure tea tree oil that is an enemy of dandruff causing agents. The infused rosemary instantly freezes oily scalp which freshens up the overall hair density.

To use, rinse 5 ml of Lemon Sage on greasy hair to form rich creamy lather and leave it on the hair for about 5-6 minutes. This will allow the active ingredients to sock up excess oil, residue and unwanted sebum in the scalp. Wash hair after that and gently massage hair ends with coconut oil.

7. WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

wow apple cider shampooBargain hunters who are looking to buy a cheap shampoo, we recommend them WOW apple cider shampoo. Apart from apple cider vinegar, it contains virgin coconut and avocado oil that is highly suitable for fine hairs. The formula is Paraben free, Sulfates free, and is used by some of the top hair salons in the United States.

Not to mention the avocado oil present in the product help stimulates the blood flow into the follicles which provide strength to hairs. This way it also acts as a hair fall shampoo. Since it does not contain sodium laurel sulfate which is a lather forming agent, you can use it daily without worrying too much.

8. Organic Tangerine & Orange Shampoo

organic tangerine and orange shampooCitrus fruits such as orange, grapes, pomelos, lemons, etc.. are natural cleansers that remove strikes oily, greasy powdery residues very hard. The organic tangerine shampoo has 89% citrus orange & tangerine oil that flushes oil from hair like a champ. Not only that, the formula contains Vitamin A, B12 & C which slow down the hair graying process.

Many users have commented that it also promotes hair growth as well as fights against pollution. Although a bot expensive shampoo on this list, it is one of the top-selling anti-oil shampoos online. Completely safe for color treated hairs, it nourishes split ends with Rosehip seed oil making hair softer and silkier.

9. Biotique Bio Green Apple

Biotique Bio Green Apple shampooBiotique Green Apple is an ayurvedic shampoo made out of Ghrit Kumari, Badaam (Almond) oil, sea algae, green apple juice, and Shikakai pulp. Designed to fight against oily hair and greasy scalp, it is a highly effective organic formula that leaves scalp feeling toned, exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation.

Designed and developed in India, it is by far the best organic shampoo for oily hair on this list. Suitable for any type of hair men and women, this organic formula is completely safe to use on a regular basis. It is gentle that we recommend this shampoo for kids as well.

10. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

neutrogena anti-residue shampoo for oily hairWhile Walmart offers a variety of shampoos like Dove, Pantene, we recommend reaching out to Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo. It is a non-irritating clear shampoo for people who don’t want sulfate formula in their product. For such a reasonable price, you get a branded shampoo that removes over 90% of dirt, oil, residue and other sticky polluting agents in a single wash.

Out of the box, it comes in a small 175ml cologne type bottle which can easily fit in your shower soap holder. The chemically advanced formula uses no artificial dyes or colorants making it suitable for all hair types, gentle on even color-treated & thin hair.