Multivitamins: Truth Behind Supplements


They come packed with promises that they will change the reality within a few days. Multivitamins supplements is a 1.4 billion industry with players from big pharma to mom-and-pop. But have you ever tried to notice what’s in a multivitamin supplement bottle? Well, today I uncover some of the amazing eye-opening facts about some of the best multivitamins in India which you buy online.

Before I actually dive into the dirty dark secrets of multivitamins, it is important to know that 3 out of 5 human beings take multivitamins in India. They spend a huge chunk of their money on dietary supplements like multivitamin tablets and capsules. But is there any limit to consuming multivitamin tablets or one can simply pop as many pills of vitamin-d as they want? According to FDA in the United States, popping up too many pills increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases in exponentially. It is hardly that Indians know the risks they are taking by consuming multivitamin pills.

Amol Patel, who is working with Health Hakim nowadays is an Indo-Canadian nutrition expert and is an expert in Botany.  His team collected 44 herbal supplements from India to produce organic multivitamin supplements for Indians. During the comparison of his herbal multivitamin pill with Opti-men multivitamin supplement, the results were astonishing. More than 60% of the ingredients were not mentioned on the label. To be more accurate, 1 out 3 proved to be outright fake.

If you are a bodybuilder, you read labels on the packaging and decide which one to buy, but this research shows that most of the labels on the containers do not even show what the supplement actually contains. You can now imagine the pain of paying for a fake bodybuilding supplement. In recent history, a woman named “Riya” confirmed that his husband who is a chiropractor helped a giant bodybuilding supplement manufacturing company in developing a multivitamin for the old people.

On a further digging, I found that his husband was a chemist in the past and went on to become a full-time chiropractor. The person did not have any medical qualifications but the company took his inputs to manufacture one of the best multivitamin tablets in India for people suffering from arthritis. If this does not ring bell than you can check the recent news in the Times of India about this incident.

The story highlighted soon because people started complaining about the multivitamin supplement. Amol Patel heard stories from the victims of these multivitamin tablet consumers. It came into knowledge that these multivitamin capsules were contaminated with the anabolic steroids. Customers started hiring lawyers and a reputed company was sued for over 10 million dollars.

When it comes to buying multivitamins online, you can not trust any label on the bottle. No one knows what goes into these bottles and how it is going to impact the health of the user. Specifically in India where the majority of the population is very young, fake supplement business can damage the nation to its root.

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